Delay Terms

Use this section of Codejig ERP to specify terms of delay that you can then use in the system, ether used for your customers, or set to your company by your vendors.
Delay terms comprise of the delay penalty interest that states the amount of penalty payment for a delayed payment.
In Codejig ERP, delay terms are used across:
  • Sales module to specify terms of delay that will be used in sales to your customers in case of their late payments.
  • Purchase module to specify terms of delay that will be used in purchases by your vendors in case of your late payment.
  • CRM module to assign a default terms of delay to a new company while setting it up. Also, to select appropriate terms of delay for sales and purchase transactions.
In all mentioned above documents, delay terms are suggested automatically for each company, the suggestions representing a base delay terms specified for a company while it has been created and defined in the system (as defined in their details). You can change suggested delay terms and use different ones for sales and purchase documents only if delay terms have been assigned to the company. Then, you can select relevant delay terms.
To see the list of delay terms
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to the ______ module, and then select Delay terms.
A listing page of the Delay terms directory opens.
  1. Available Delay terms are listed in the table.
There are no pre-defined delay terms in the system, you have to create them manually from scratch.
For more details, see Create Delay Terms.
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