Pricing Report: Header Area

Use this area to set a date as of which you want to see sales prices, select a type of sales prices to be displayed, provide a name for the report. 

Header Area Fields


Used for


Provide a name for the report.

  • It is a required field. If you do not provide a name for the report, you will not be able to save the report.

Type of pricing view

 Select a price type based on which the report will display prices current as of a specific date. The following three price types are distinguished:

  • All prices - both general prices and customer-specific prices will be rendered in the report. 
  • Only general prices - the report will show only regular prices defined in general price lists that are effective for customers for whom customer-specific price lists have not been created. 
  • Only special prices - the report will display only customer-specific prices determined in price lists created particularly for individual customers. 

On date

 Select a date as of which the report will display current sales prices. 

The report will retrieve data from the Sales pricing register, fetching sales prices that are the most recent in comparison with the indicated date. 

After providing header details, you can generate the profitability report based on the specified information and default grouping and summarizing methods.
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