Pricing Report

The Pricing report provides detailed information about sales prices that are current as of a specific date. 

Sales prices rendered in the report can be filtered based on price types. The report can display regular prices that have been defined in general price lists, it can show customer-specific prices defined in price lists created for particular customers, or both. 

Note: General price list is a price list that is effective for customers for whom customer-specific price lists have not been created. Conversely, customer-specific price lists are price lists that have been created particularly for individual customers. 

The report fetches data from the Sales pricing journal. Thus, to get precise pricing information in the report, make sure that all your price lists are posted. 

Depending on the selected price type, the basic pricing report displays current pricing data for each item whose price has been at least once defined in the relevant price list type, the price being presented specifically for a measurement unit to which it has been linked.  For customer-specific prices, the report will also display customer for whom this price has been defined.  All prices presented in the report are grouped by currencies in which they have been set. Thus, the basic pricing report has the following structure: 

  • At the highest grouping level, the report shows currencies in which prices current as of the selected date have been defined. 
  • Under the currencies, items for which prices have been specified are grouped together. 
  • As you drill down within the report, for each item presented, you can see a measurement unit/measurement units to which prices have been linked.
  • For customer-specific prices, the lowest level of the report is constituted by a particular customer for whom this price has been specified. 

For regular prices defined in general price lists, the report displays the very price at the level of measurement units. For customer-specific prices, the report displays the very price at the level of customers. Apart from prices, the report shows discount percentage specified for a particular item price and discount type if any. 

To go to the Pricing report
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Reports tab.
2. Under the Reports tab, click the Sales folder, and then select Pricing report.
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