Create a New Make Payment Document

To create a make payment document:

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Banking tab.
  1. Under the Banking tab, click Make payment.

A listing page of the Make payment document opens.

  1. On the listing page, click +Add new.
A page for providing details of the Make payment document appears.

  1. In the Payment details section, choose a relevant type of payment, select a payee, specify bank accounts into which and from which payments are to be made.

  2. In the Sent payment amount section, set a currency of the payment, indicate payment amount and specify any fees if applicable. The section may comprise different fields depending on the type of payment chosen.

  3. In the Purpose of payment and Additional details sections provide relevant information if necessary.

  4. If available for the selected type of payment, turn on the advanced mode to view or override bookkeeping accounts which are affected by accounting transaction created by the receive payment document.

  5. Click Save.


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