General Ledger

General ledger report generates a list of journal entries that were input and saved in the database of ERP according to various criteria.

General ledger report is targeted to represent turnovers for each bookkeeping account in the system for the period covered by report settings according to transactions made.

In the basic General ledger report, all accounts are organized according to the structure of the chart of accounts by account groups, account subcategories and major account categories they belong to, then by account subcategories within those categories and finally by account groups within the subcategories.

In other words, accounts in the initial General ledger report are grouped and displayed according to the hierarchical structure of your company’s chart of accounts.

Total balances and amounts are displayed at each level of the report and at the grand total level. If no data is available for certain levels, nothing is displayed for them. While moving to sublevels of the report, total amounts and balances are broken down into the amounts comprising the final total of the higher level.


To go to the General Ledger report
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Reports tab.
2. Under the Reports tab, click the Accounting folder, and then select General Ledger report.

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