Version Control

Version control functionality in Codejig ERP enables you to track changes made to your data files and restore earlier versions of documents or records.
The functionality is available only for data files that have been updated at least once. For newly created files or files that have never been modified, the history of changes includes the only version of a file which is the current version.  
To see the modification history of any file:
1. Access and open a document or a record whose history you want to review.
2. On the toolbar, click the arrow beside a document/record name.
3. On the Actions menu, click Change log.
A left panel appears containing the history of file modifications. All the file versions are displayed. In the panel, you can see an author of each version and time when it was created.
Note: History of changes is never deleted in ERP.
To display or revise details of an earlier version, click it.
Instead of the current version, the form page will display an earlier version. You can view and compare all available version of a file to figure out what changes have been introduced to it.
You can restore earlier versions of a file. To do that:
  • Click Restore next to a version you wish to recover, and then click Yes.
This version becomes a current version of a file.

To hide the modification history:
1. On the toolbar, click the arrow beside a document/record name.
2. On the Actions menu, click Hide change log.
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