Employee: General Area

Use this area to provide a general information about your employee.


General area fields/buttons


Used to

First name, Last name

Fill in the first and last names of employee that will be later used in accounting documents that require the employee to be assigned.

  • These are required field. If you do not provide a name for the employee, you will not be able to save the entry.

ID number

ID of the employee from a legal identity document.


Add a photo of the employee. The photo is not mandatory and serves as additional data.

Company ID

Add a unique company ID for the employee.


Choose the job position for the employee in the company.

Includes purchase/sale manager duties

By repositioning the switch you may assign additional duties to the employee, e.g. duties of the purchasing manager or a sales manager.


Switch shows the status of the employee. When the employee no longer works in your company, turn the switch on, to the Inactive position.


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