Language Switcher

Codejig ERP is an inherently multilingual application which means that all elements of the system interface are available in several languages. Since localizations of Codejig ERP are implemented for individual countries, each localized version supports all official languages of a specific country along with the English language.
So, you can easily change the application language.
To do that
1. Click the language icon in the Menu bar.
The language menu opens.
2. Click a language you want to switch to.
Languages on the menu are located in the default order of language preferences. Official languages of a particular country come first, then comes the English language.  
When switching between the supported languages, all interface elements are translated into a selected language, including menu items, field names, buttons and system messages.
However, the content provided by users is not translated unless it was initially entered in several languages. For example, if a company name has been originally entered only in English, when switching to Danish the name will be still displayed in English. However, a language symbol en will appear next to the company name indicating that this value was entered in English.
For information how to manage your content in several languages, see Translating data in Codejig.
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