User Icon

Once you have logged into Codejig ERP with your credentials, your username and user picture (if any) appear in the menu bar of the application.  While you stay logged in, the name and picture will always be displayed and you cannot hide or remove them.

Also, all actions you perform in the application will be attributed to you, and your username will appear next to those actions to be visible to other users.

The username displayed stands for the User icon that opens the User switching menu.

Once you click the username, the User switching menu opens.

The menu contains My apps button as well as the Log out button.

My apps button redirects you to the main page where you can see all your applications.
To switch between multiple users, you have to log out of the system. To do that, click the Log out button. As a result, you are taken to the User Login page. Now, other users can log into the system by entering their credentials.

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