Magnifying Glass Icon

Codejig ERP enables you to quickly locate any data stored in the system, for instance, created documents, banks, currencies, items, and much more.
To search for existing data files, use the Search field located in the menu bar of the application. The Search field is not displayed prominently and is hidden behind the magnifying-glass icon.
For the Search field to appear, click the magnifying-glass icon.
When the Search field is disclosed, you type certain search criteria in it to start searching.
Search criteria may be the following:
  • Some characters of a serial number assigned to the data file you are looking for.
  • The full serial number of the data file.
  • Name of an item, business partner, employee, bank, account, etc.  
Then, search results are displayed in a drop-down list.
To hide search results, click anywhere outside the drop-down list.
By default, the list displays the first 7 search results. To see all results, click Show all. Then, a table containing all search results will open. Click a table entry representing the relevant data file to view it.
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