Bank Statement Rule: General Area

Use this area to manually define a new bank account statement rule. The area consists of several subsections that group together logically related fields.

Conditions area


Used for

Corresponding company name

Name of the corresponding company as stated in the imported bank account statement document.

Corresponding bank account

Bank account of the corresponding company.

My bank account

Name and numbering series of bank account that belongs to your company, involved in the transaction.

Type of document

Type of document that will be created based on the recognized transactions. Type includes Invoice/Purchase invoice, Credit/Debit note or Receive/Make payment documents.


If the transaction is related to receiving of amounts due to currency sale, the field displays the currency, that was sold.

Detail info

Any additional information from the imported bank reconciliation document if any.

Result area


Used for


Choose the name for the bank statement rule.

Corresponding company

Choose the name of the corresponding company from a drop-down list.

Type of payment

Choose the type of payment from a drop-down list.

Document-related Information


Used for


Document number is assigned automatically when you save the bank statement rule document based on the selected numerator.

Users with the appropriate permissions can override the auto-generated number and enter it manually.

After overriding the bank statement rule document number, automated numbering will proceed in the same manner but using the manually set number as a start value.


Add any extra details or comments about your bank statement rule.

Inactive option

Select this option when you want to deactivate bank statement rule.

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