Create a New Currency Exchange Rate

To create a new Currency exchange rate:

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click Banking and then select Currency exchange rate.

A listing page of Currency exchange rates opens.

  1. On the listing page, click +Add new.

You are taken to a page for entering the Currency exchange rate details.

  1. Page for adding new currency exchange rate consists of two areas
  • Exchange rate section
  • Document-related information

4. In the Exchange rate section, you select a currency from a list and define the exchange rate for it.

5. In the Document-related information area, you add a date and a serial number of the exchange rate entry.

6. Click Save.

The newly created exchange rate appears as a table entry on the listing page.

Note: Currency exchange rate is a stand-alone type of document that does not make any changes in inventory or total amounts. Created and posted document makes a record in the Exchange rate journal. The document is dedicated for informational purposes only.

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