Core 4.28 Margarita - 28.10.2021

New features:

  • Test connection to Data Source
  • Webpage and List views for External Data Types
  • CRUD operations for External Data Type records via UI
  • External database Schema Import generates Data Types automatically
  • Image caching on the Browser side

Fixed bugs with:

  • Image preview: blinking on click and cross icon style
  • Report row order
  • Modal window Update and Save
  • Image preview in Library section
  • Change route logic
  • Table editor preview of a field with System name
  • Duration field onChange event triggering
  • Document Timeline filters
  • History in CJ Blocks editor
  • Publish button highlight logic
  • Custom REST CJ Block
  • Variable renaming in CJ Blocks


  • Webpage Editor: focus lost and field names
  • External Data Types: database name, menu items, and proxy connection identifier
  • Build Info tooltip
  • Reports: XLS value formating
  • Modals Windows: outside click control
  • Record History: proper seed instance update after deploy
  • Header: help icon
  • Theme Editor properties