Core 4.13 Hanna - 28.01.2020

New features:

  • Added "Theme editor" which allows to define one or more CSS-based visual themes and apply them to the whole app or particular views.
  • Added possibility to change password by app-only users within an application.
  • Added support in routing for multiple aliases (domain name). Each route can be assigned with alias.
  • Added possibility to show field values within of static html using <cjgfield f="FIELD_ID"></cjgfield> syntax.
  • Copy / paste of web page layout elements (group boxes, rows, columns, static text, etc.).
  • Preview mode shows web page with current theme.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Page rendering has been revamped to lay the groundwork for a single-page execution mode. It became faster and provides support for multiple isolated execution contexts.
  • The server-side platform environment has been upgraded from Java v. 8 to Java v.11. Upgrade affected both App Builders and running applications.
  • Fixed a bug with fields occasionally "disappearing" after group delete operation in a web page editor.
  • Double-click on the button in a web page editor suggest to create "before server" client event.
  • Click on the button in a web page editor shows related actions in the "Properties" pane .
  • Import procedure provides better validation of imported data and more understandable error messages.
  • Fixed virtual table rendering with a tree view navigation.
  • Fixed a problem with transient field value not showing in a view mode.
  • Display of branches in merge mode has been fixed to account for changes that previously have been marked as desirable customization but might need attention due to modification in origin version.