Core 4.12 Mari4ka - 20.12.2019

New features:

  • Server-side "Row click" and client-side "Row-clicked" event
  • "Select" fields can be added in web page editor. Previous version of "Selects" has been renamed to "Lookups"
  • Seed instances can be added and edited without leaving web page editor
  • Table can be populated with columns by drag'n'drop of fields from the Components pane in web page editor
  • analog of "IN" SQL operator has been added

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug with "Publish" mode showing activity when switching from "Build" mode immediately after build
  • Developer is prompted to select unsaved changes when pressing "Publish"
  • First type in the list is not automatically placed as the choice when creating new fields - developer has to make active choice
  • Views that can not be used were removed for Embedded kind 
  • "Create new" link has been added to reference tables
  • Added possibility to delete data types when no reverences except of those from Menus and Routes exist
  • Form toolbar in web page editor is shown shaded and requires an extra click to prevent confusion about two "Save" buttons shown
  • Type name in Properties is made a link to corresponding Type Details page
  • fixed bug with choosing auto-generated string view instead of default string view when view name of nested string view is not specified
  • fixed bug with "null" appearing in string views
  • changed navigation when adding new event block from web page editor to fix a problem with Firefox blocking new window as "anti-spam" measure