Table View Editor

The table view is used to show a collection of entities as a spreadsheet-like table. You can add columns to the table and reorder them by dragging and dropping fields. Appropriate cell content will consist of the field's value, formatted using Properties.

Properties can differ for field types, but generally, you can edit the column name, pattern, size, alignment, formatting, read mode, sorting and other options. The common ones are described below:

Property name
Use field name as a label
True for field name as column header, or use text from Header option
Column header name, multilingual
Width of column
Is field required on save
DisabledIs field editable
Make field hidden
Read only
Is field read-only
Horizontal alignment
Alignment from left to right edge of the cell
Show in extended mode only
Columns to show in extended mode

Specific data types have more properties:

Option name
Data source
Data source for entities - database or collection
Has 'Create new' link
If possible to create new entity of type in place
Has view link
Has link to the entity
Placeholder text
Form view for link
Form view to open for link, if allowed
String view for cell content
Minimal <value>
Minimal value of specific data type
Maximum <value>
Maximum value of specific data type
Step for spinner editing

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