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Fixed assets are a specific type of the company's assets, that are tangible, noncurrent and are purchased for productive use in its business operations. The word fixed emphasizes that this type of assets will not be used up, consumed or sold in the current accounting year.

In other words, a fixed asset is an item with a useful life greater than one reporting period. Any fixed asset is first purchased, assembled or otherwise acquired as a regular inventory item and cannot be considered as a fixed asset yet, since it is acquired with the intent of either reselling it directly or incorporating it into a product that may later be sold.

Common examples of fixed assets may include buildings, machinery, vehicles, furniture, computer equipment and software etc. Majority of accounting systems across the world offer different groupings of fixed assets. Codejig ERP allows you to group your company's assets in the way that is the most suitable for you.

Codejig ERP enables you to efficiently manage and keep the record of fixed assets that belong to your company. Fixed assets module allows you to control physical and financial aspects of each asset during their full life cycle, from recognition to depreciation, modernization, and derecognition. Along with a full overview, the system allows you to create different related reports with up-to-date information.


To go to the Fixed assets
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Fixed assets tab.
  2. Under the Fixed assets tab, click Fixed assets.


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