Balance Item: General Area

Use the area to provide key information about a balance item.
The area includes the following fields:


Used for


Enter a 2-digit number code for the balance item for sorting and searching purposes.  


Enter a name for the balance item.

  • It is a required field. If you do not provide a name for the balance item, you will not be able to save it.

Type of balance view

Select under which category to locate the balance item in the hierarchical structure prescribed by the balance type. Three general categories are available:

  • Balance Sheet category - Assets
  • Balance Sheet category - Liabilities and Equities
  • Income Statement category - Profit and Loss

Balance type

A balance type to which the balance item is to be matched.

By default, it is a specific balance type for which you decided to create the balance item.

However, you can change the default selection and choose another balance type to which you will attribute this balance item.  

More information
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Типи балансу
Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet