Core 4.41 Stefania - 26.04.2023

New features:

  • App permissions: binary file upload/download for app users
  • CJ Block editor: new modal window for adding string resources
  • JSON view: dynamic field kind support
  • CJ Blocks: new client-side function to save current web form

Fixes and improvements:

  • Table filters: boolean field default value fix
  • CJ Block editor: variable rename issue caused by pasting a query where block, system instance reference connectivity in compare-by-id block
  • Import/export: documentDateTime field imported from a spreadsheet
  • Container deploy: null pointer exception caused by deployment into an empty container in update-all mode
  • Document timeline: broken not-equal filter
  • Reports: missing rows issue
  • Project build: errors related to JSON view item merge and external kind data types
  • Custom API: null input argument bug in the controller
  • JSON view: getReferenceByField returning deleted value for primitive field references
  • Web page editor: delete button misplaced for dynamic fields
  • CJ Blocks: fixed nullOrEmpty function, wrong collection query result limit
  • Theme editor: custom CSS size limit