Core 4.39 Melanka - 24.02.2023

New features:

  • Type details page: added basic change log and a new property to check permission for each collection item separately
  • Document timeline: added filter by document
  • System jobs: added filter by user account
  • Document journals: added journal type relative order property
  • Web forms: thin-line group box color property
  • JSON view: serialization of a complex object based on its text view or primitive field

Fixes and improvements:

  • User interface: admin tools and personal jobs scrolling issues
  • CJ tabs: wrong URL for tabs with table filters
  • CJ Block editor: lost text in data panel filter
  • Web page editor: date and time field visibility for read-only and disabled inputs
  • Table filters: removed create new instance option, fixed OR operator
  • Type preferences: default value issues
  • Builder hints: tooltip positioning, hint order, anonymous mode behavior
  • Reports: relative order issues, including export to spreadsheet
  • HTML fields: long value popover for table cell values
  • Merge tool: missing CJ block dependency for dynamic routes and menu loaded actions
  • Card view: web page theme issue