Theme editor

Theme editor is used for creating CSS themes for your application. You can choose a component, which you would like to change and create your theme.


Change background-color

To change the app’s background color, on the Theme Editor ⇒ Body section, start editing the background-color option. You will see the changes instantly.

Don’t forget to save the editor as you are done.

Change button styles

To change button styles, on the Theme Editor ⇒ Buttons section, start editing its properties.

Style widgets

To change widget styles, on the Theme Editor ⇒ Widgets section, start editing its properties.

Style alerts

To change alert styles, on the Theme Editor ⇒ Alerts section, start editing its properties.

Write custom CSS rules

To add your own CSS rules, go to the Theme Editor ⇒ Custom CSS and write the rules you need.

Create a new CSS Theme

From the Project menu ⇒ Theme editor, select Create new option.

Give the name.

You can also copy an existing CSS Theme and start editing its copy.

Use CSS Theme for specific web page

To apply a CSS Theme you created, go to the Web Page in the Editor. Then in the Page Properties select a theme from the dropdown list.

Change default CSS Theme

The default CSS Theme for the project can be selected on the Settings page.