Merge page

Merge Tool is a version control system where each branch is stored on a separate app builder.


Select a Builder to merge from

To select the remote Builder to merge from, on the Merge Tool page, on the top left corner, click on the Remote builder settings.

Specify the Builder and the project to merge data from.

Note: you can merge data only from the builders you have access to.

Filter merge table results

You can filter merge table results by Categories or Languages using the Filter panel on the right side of the Merge Tool.

You need to apply selection to see the changes. If you use the filter, the page will be reloaded.

It is also possible to filter the search results using the tree on the left. Just click on the folder you need, and all the related data will be displayed.

Merge all data from B to A builder

To merge data from type B (remote) into A (your current Builder), select the types you need. Then click on the  button.

You can see the corresponding types between A and B and conflicts/no-conflicts between them on the Merge Tool’s Table.

Sometimes some dependencies may arise. For example, when K references L and L references M, but you merge only K. Accordingly, K will ask to merge L, and L will ask for M.

The Merge Tool will check dependenices on each step unless no conflicts disappear.

Merge seed instances

Filter merge table results using search tree. Find the type you need and click on instances.

Then you can merge the data as usual.


Can I merge remote data type into another one from my Builder?

No, you cannot. At least these data types have different IDs and fields. As a result, during the merge process, the name conflict may arise.

Suppose you created type Animal in your current builder. You want to merge Animal from remote B into the same Animal type you have created.

Although they have the same names, these types aren’t the same!

To merge Animal from B into your builder, delete the created Animal and merge Animal from B as usual.

What is the difference between A and B builders?

Your original destination builder is marked as 'A', and the remote origin builder is marked as 'B'.

Can I merge data from the Application?

No, you cannot. The Merge Tool allows you to merge anything between the Builders only. And the App’s data is not part of a Builder.

The way out may be to export your data from the application and import the data into another one.