Core 4.20 Yulia - 06.08.2020

New features

  • Card grid allows to display collection as table of ‘cards’. One has to define a card view for type A (like it is done with a web page view), declare a collection of A in type B and set ‘Show as’ property to ‘Card grid’ for this collection in a web page view of B. Cards behave like embedded mini-pages and run their own life-cycle events.
  • ‘Switch!’ button has replaced ‘Home’ button in main menu. ‘Switch!’ provides fast search and navigation functionality between types, view, blocks and fields.
  • ‘Set translation block’ has been added – it allows to set string value for a particular language programmatically
  • Try - catch - finally block has been added and is available in server-side code for the moment
  • An option to define whether post documents automatically after save.
  • Ability to import / export seed instances. It is important when developer has to configure hundreds of predefined instances.

Fixes and improvements

  • Dependency check fix for seed instances used as custom index pages
  • Corrected display of not-translated table headers
  • Improved display of themes, menus and permissions. They became part of the main menu.
  • Corrected a problem with read-only seed instances not being updated when read-only property is removed
  • A number of enhancements to block editor. Blocks are always visible, coloring and grouping has been made more consistent, search and selection functionality improved in many small ways.
  • Showcolumn / hidecolumn functions have been added
  • Binary field has been fixed not to allow for edits in read-only mode
  • Layout type details page has been improved. Shared fields and fields merged into single table. Views table has been moved into top-left corner to make navigation easier.
  • Corrected editing of time value with applied primitive formatter
  • Fixed behavior of table row on double click – the elements of opened web page no longer appear as selected