Core 4.18 Nina - 15.05.2020

New features:

  • "Open in cj tab" became default navigation mode. Unless set otherwise, a mouse click on a link opens related content in internal window ('cj tab') without reloading the page or opening another browser tab. 
  • Added "Unavailable module redirect url" property in App Settings. It allows to specify the url of the error page to be shown in case of attempt to access a data type belonging to inactive module. The bitmask of modules enclosing the offending data type is appended to url as a parameter. The bitmask can be used to display the names of modules for acquisition.
  • Added possibility to perform selection on the Select / Lookup fields by opening index table of corresponding table. This allows to apply filtering and use tree view while making selection.
  • Hosting infrastructure has been migrated to the latest version of PostgreSQL. During upgrade all apps created with a free version of the App Builder have been stopped. Please publish them again with current version of App Builder. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Data types table displays as a separate column the Categories that a data type belongs to
  • 'View as Word document' permission has been put into Read section
  • Fixed application of Shared style to a button
  • Merge tool has been fixed to treat strings updates correctly between apps with different language sets
  • Fixed problems preventing apps running with IE11
  • Added possibility to use JSON as native parameter type with API functions
  • Fixed display of tables on narrow screens
  • List  of web pages is sorted in a case-insensitive way
  • Restored 'Export to Excel' functionality
  • "Add instances" link is shown in web page editor with Select / Lookup fields
  • Fixed display of history in cj tabs
  • Fixed usage of tabs in preview mode of web page editor
  • Fixed passing of editing mode as route's parameter
  • Fix string view build after new locale is added to the Builder
  • Fixed the problem of 'Too many styles defined' with export of larger datasets to Excel
  • Corrected insertion of images during export to Word to fit enclosing rectangle
  • Improved display of last user actions
  • Corrected handling of relative orders in Merge tool
  • Add possibility to call fill functions from unsaved instances