Core 4.16 Olya - 19.03.2020

New features:

  • Clicking on a row in index tables in the app results in the instance page to be shown in a nested window. It does not cause reloading the page and the user can continue navigating the index table after closing an instance. It becomes a default behavior for all new data types. Existing data types will keep old navigational behavior and the corresponding option has to be set manually.
  • Added the option to view all selected node's children in the virtual table tree view. 
  • It is possible to reference fields in Word templates by using system names in syntax like {surname} or {events.start_time} 
  • Collections can be added and displayed in the table view.
  • App Builder detects automatically whether code block modifies other entities (is marked as "unsafe") or not (is marked as "safe"). Safe blocks are executed in parallel while unsafe blocks are queued and executed sequentially. The developer can override automatically detected "safeness" status when a code block has undetected implicit side-effects. To do this, open a block in an editor, click on the three horizontal dots at the end of the breadcrumbs navigation menu after block name and select the "Block safeness" option.
  • Added the possibility to use system names and subfields with <cjgfield> in HTML markup.
  • Added "Use in loaded" option for custom resource to mark client javascript as the one that needs to be pre-loaded before "loaded" event block is executed.
  • Included the possibility to add metadata and title for SEO. If instances of data type have to be included into sitemap or have their title and description generated dynamically (for example, items in catalog), it is possible to add shared field  "SEO data" to the data type and set its fields for each instance in code.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added "track changes" option on a type level to select whether instances of data type keep a history of modifications or not.
  • Fixed a bug with the usage of shared fields in Word templates.
  • Fixed the duration field in disabled input plain text mode and its look on a narrow screen.
  • Fixed bug with deleted blocks and entities not showing "Deleted" badge. 
  • Fixed problem with "all search results" not being shown in the application-wide search.
  • Fixed the message "Do you want to save your changes?" being displayed incorrectly when trying to exit from the permission, menu, string, and table editors without any changes.
  • Increased the amount of custom CSS code that can be included with a theme.
  • Added a list of app's web pages to App Builder home page