There are multiple reasons why we may need to capture an application activity.

  • Recording unusual circumstances or errors that may be happening in the program
  • Getting the info about what's going in the application
The details which can be obtained from the logs can vary. Sometimes, we may want a lot of details regarding the issue, or sometimes some light information only. Like when the application is under development and is undergoing testing phase, we may need to capture a lot of details.

Log Levels

By default, there are 4 standard levels indicating the severity of events. Each has a corresponding method that can be used to log events at that level of severity. Also, the message generated will the of the same color as the block. The defined levels, in order of increasing severity, are the following:

Info: It provides the user with general info or a confirmation that things are working as expected

Success: It indicates that an action or activity was successful. 

Warning: An indication that something unexpected happened, or indicative of some problems in the near future.

Error: Due to a more serious problem, the program has not been able to perform some function