Data Types Page

On the data types page, you can view, add and remove data types in the current project.


To create a new Directory type, press the "+ Add new" button above the table. To create another type kind, click on the downside arrow near the "+ Add new" button and select the desired type from the list. Read more about kinds of types here: Data Types in Codejig Builder.


To delete a type, tick it and click the trash button above the table. If the type can be freely removed, a modal window will appear asking you to confirm this operation. If the type is used elsewhere, a list with all references will appear.


The table contains a list of types that belong only to the current project. Each entry in it has a color according to its kind. The colors of the kinds are displayed on the buttons for filtering above the table.

There are three ways to filter the table:

  • by kind - using the buttons above the table

  • by category - using a separate category list

  • by name - using the text box above the table

Note: The selected filters are persisted in your browser and will be in the same state next time you visit this page.


Categories are used only in development mode for additional filtering of the list of types. They are not displayed in any way to users in the resulting application. Add a type to a category at the stage of creating a type or on a type details page in the section 'Type Properties'.