Data Type Details

Non-primitive data type consists of Fields, Views and Code blocks.

Each field has a name and a type. For example, type Person may have fields Name (type String), Surname (type String), Birth date (type Local date), Gender (type Gender) and Occupation (type Profession).

Type can be viewed in different ways. For example, Person can be shown as a character string (“John Smith”, “Mr. Smith” or “J. Smith – manager”) or as a table with fields: Birth date, Name, Surname, OccupationPerson could also be viewed as a web page, Excel spreadsheet or as an XML file.

Tip: To create a new web page view, please click on the blue Plus icon located next to Views header and select Web page.

Programming is done by creating actions with visual blocks. Actions are set to execute when a particular event happens – for example, field value changes or user presses a button. Visual blocks can be mixed with Java or JavaScript code.

Tip: Start by adding regular fields and experiment further by adding and editing views and blocks. Read more about data type details here.