Create a New Service Provider

To create a new service provider either for your company or your customers 

1. Go to My company settings in the Settings module. 

Note: The Service provider directory is inaccessible through the Main menu. You can go to it via My company settings or the Company directory by clicking the Create new option in the list of the Service provider field that is located under the Settings tab in both cases. Regardless of where you access the Service provider directory from, newly created providers will be available for selection for both customers and your company. Thus, you can alternatively create a new service provider from the Company directory following approximately the same procedure. 

2. Under the Accounting tab, locate the Service provider field, and then open the field list by clicking an arrow next to the field. 

3. On the list, click the Create new option. 

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to a form page for defining a new service provider. The page consists of the General area only. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this form remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.

4. Provide a name of the provider and enter its business ID. 

5. Click Save. 

The service provider is added to the system. Now it can be selected for both your company and your customers. 

To see the created service provider on the list of active providers

  • Return to the My company settings page, and then open the list of the Service provider field located under the Settings tab. 

Note: You do not have to refresh the My company settings page for the service provider to appear on the list. While refreshing the page you will lose all information you have entered unless you have saved it before that.

The service provider also appears on other lists of the Service provider field available in other system sections. 

To see all service providers created in Codejig ERP

  • On the page for providing details of the service provider, click the Return arrow. 

You are taken to the listing page of the Service provider directory that is otherwise inaccessible. All providers added to the system are displayed on the listing page and can be accessed through it. 

To be able to save new service providers, you have to fill in the required fields that are marked with an asterisk (*).  


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