Sales Channel

Sales channel is a means of selling to customers. In a nutshell, it is a way how you get information about your goods and services to your customers. The following sales channels that allow you to reach your customers are singled out: internet sales, website, emails, TV and online advertisement, product placement, and much more. In Codejig ERP, a number of widely-recognized sales channels are pre-defined by application developers. However, if your company uses certain sales channels that are not available for selection from the outset, you can add them to the system.  

Right now, you can specify sales channels for informational purposes only, they are not represented in any journal entries and do not have any inventory or accounting impact. You can link sales channels to your customers (then selected sales channels will be regarded as default means of selling to specific customers) while specifying customer details in respective customer records in the Company directory.

Note: Sales channels selected for particular customers will be provided automatically in all sales documents where a specific customer will be selected in the respective field. However, you will be able to change the auto-completed sales channel if necessary.

Or, you can indicate a sales channel for a specific sales event represented in the system by a sales document. In both the Customer directory and sales documents, you can select one of the pre-set sales channels or create a new sales channel. 

Note: The Sales channel directory is inaccessible through the Main menu. You can go to it via the Customer directory or sales documents by clicking the Create new option in the list of the Sales channel field. 

To go to the Sales channel directory

1. Go to the page of the company you want to identify sales channel for or create a new one (Sales module, Customer or CRM module, Company directory).

2. In the General area, specify a company type (Customer). 

3. Under the Accounting tab, locate the Sales channel field, and then open the field list by clicking an arrow next to the field. 

4. On the list, click the Create new option. 

A new tab opens in your browser. You are taken to a form page for defining a new sales channel. Meanwhile, the page from which you accessed this form remains open in another tab. Information entered in it is not saved automatically.

You also can go to the Sales channel directory through other Sales channel fields available in sales documents. 


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