Bank Account: Charts Tab

Under the Charts tab, you can create and analyze charts displaying a bank account’s balances and payments dynamics.

Charts cannot be generated for newly created bank accounts as there is no data to be processed yet. Only when certain transactions for a new bank account take place, information from them can be retrieved, analyzed and rendered in charts.

Charts are fully customizable along the following parameters:


Used for

Date from / Date to

The charts will display only those values which fall within the date range specified by the Date from and Date to.


Select the criteria for data grouping: to show the dynamics of bank account Balances, Made payments or Received payments.


Select the currency for data grouping: Amounts in currency of bank account or Equivalent in the accounting currency.

Group by

Select the time period for data grouping: Days or Months.

Group by

Select the criteria for grouping payments of a chosen type: Types of payments or Payees/Payers.

  • Field appears only if the Received or Made payments are chosen in the Show field.

By default, the report data is shown for the entire indicated period. 

To view the data by month, select the By months option. The data will be displayed by months in the form of a bar graph.  

You can also remove any data labels from the chart. To do that

  • In the legend area of the chart, hover a data label you wish to delete and click it.

The label becomes struck-through and the data represented by the label is not rendered on the chart anymore.

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