Create New Make Payment Documents with a Make Payments Generator

To generate new make payment documents by using the Make payment generator:

  1. From the Codejig ERP Main menu go to the Banking module and click Make payment generator.
A listing page of generation entries opens.
  1. On the listing page, click the +Add new button.
You are taken to the page to generate new make payment documents.
  1. In the General section select the currency of payments and a bank account that you want to pay purchase invoices from.
Select a currency from a drop-down list in the Currency field.
Select a bank account that will be used for making payments in the Bank account from field.
Currency chosen in the Currency field will define the purchase invoices in the Open purchase invoices line item fields.

  1. After selecting the currency and the bank account, click the Fill button.
The system will create a list of open purchase invoices which are not paid fully yet.
Note: You may add purchase invoices manually by clicking the +Add new button.
  1. Click Save.
The system will save all generated make payment documents as drafts and a make payment generator entry on its listing page. 

  1. When fields of the Open purchase invoices section are completely filled with all the purchase invoices that you want to pay for, click the Generate payments button.
The system will offer a list of completely filled make payment documents, one make payment for one purchase invoice.

In order for generated make payments to affect the system, you will have to post them manually.

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