Menu Editor

Menu is a list of links which application user sees in left sidebar. It is possible to define more than one menu per application. Despite only one is marked as default one and is used as a main application menu, other menus could be used as context dependent menus for different types. That makes navigation much more flexible. 

Default menu for the project can be selected on the Settings page. The first created menu becomes default automatically. A menu which should be used for a specific data type can be selected in this data type's details page.

Menu editor

To edit menus Codejig Builder introduces Menu Editor - visual tool for quick and easy editing of your menus using drag'n'drop.

There are 3 types of menu items: Internal links, External links and Folders.
  • Internal link items are created when you drag'n'drop items from "Items" box in left part of Menu Editor. This "Items" box is just a list of all system instances and types grouped by categories. Internal link can refer a system instance (you can select which form should be open), index page of some data type or its create instance page.
  • An External link is a regular link with fixed URL. It is always opened in a new tab.
  • Folders exist just for grouping menu items, at most 3 nested levels are allowed.

For each menu item on the first level you can select an icon from a predefined list of almost 1000 icons. 

Menu editor allows also to modify access for menu items - for each menu item you can select which user roles should see it and which shouldn't. 

Note: Menu Editor supports undo/redo operations to make editing even easier.