Permissions Page

Codejig permission is composed of a number of predefined actions paired with specifications describing for whom they are allowed.

Here is the full list of supported actions:

  • Default
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete
  • View
  • View history
  • Execute (on document apply/relieve)
  • Import
  • Export

Here is the full list of supported permission filters applicable to the above actions:

  • Use default
  • Everyone
  • Authorized
  • In any of roles
  • Custom
  • Nobody
  • Anonymous

The "Use default" filter means that the permission filter from the "Default" action should be applied. For the "Default" action itself this filter option is not enabled.

If you select the "In any of roles" filter then you will also have to specify the roles. 

If you select the "Custom" filter then you will have to populate a custom block with you specific custom logic.

Besides defining access rights the Codejig permission also enable specifying logic anonymous user. In those cases when anonymous user is not allowed we can redirect to login page or to the "Access Denied" page. The second page can be standard or defined with a custom HTML.