Vendor Aging Report

The Vendor Aging Report provides an overview of debts unpaid to your vendor. For each vendor whom you owe money, the report shows:

  • The value of the debt before vendor
  • The age of the debt (the length of time the debt has remained unpaid)
  • Liability accounts in which the debt is recorded
  • Subtotal balances for each unpaid invoice

Debts before vendors are sorted/grouped by age and the analysis of each debt is provided. 

The report fetches/ retrieves data from the Vendor Aging journal.

The basic Vendor Aging report provides a list of vendors with their outstanding balances, the total amounts being displayed in your company’s (system) currency and in the vendor’s currency and being broken into date ranges of 30 days.

For example, your total debt before the vendor is 10 000 EUR (and your vendor’s currency is GBP) but it is made up of payments that are behind schedule for different periods of time. For example, a payment worth 6 000 EUR is 15 days past due, so the amount is displayed in the column containing purchase invoices that are 30 days old or less (the Value:30 column, where 30 is a number of days) and is presented in both EUR (in the Amount column) and in GBP (in the Currency amount column). Another payment worth 4 000 EUR is 36 days past due, and its amount is recorded in the column containing invoices that are 31-60 days old (the Value:60 column) and it is also displayed in both currencies.

The total amounts are also summarized and displayed in the Total column.

For each vendor, the report also contains information about liability accounts in which the debt before the vendor is recorded. If slices of the debt are recorded in different accounts, the total amount is broken into corresponding subtotals that are allocated to different liability accounts presented in the report. For each liability account, you can find a currency or currencies in which the debt or its slice is to be paid. For each currency provided, you can see the list of unpaid invoices that have to be paid in this currency.

To go to the Vendor Aging report
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Reports tab.
2. Under the Reports tab, click the Purchase folder, and then select Vendor Aging report.


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