Sort Data

In Codejig ERP, you can sort data in tables.
By default, table entries are sorted by serial number in descending order. 
In Codejig ERP, you sort data by columns, and rows of a table rearrange correspondingly. However, you can sort content of the table only by one column at a time.
To sort data in ascending order:
  • Click the header of a column you want to sort the table by.
Up arrow appears indicating the ascending sort order applied to/enabled for the column.
  • If you click the header again, the order will switch from ascending to descending.  
Up arrow changes to Down arrow indicating the descending sort order of the column.
Note: The approach described above is the only way to sort data in descending order. You have to first enable ascending order, and then change it to descending sorting option.
  • Following this logic, when you click the header for the third time, sorting is cleared.
As a result, the default order is restored.
Note: When refreshing pages containing sorted tables, the applied sort orders are maintained.  
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