Vendor Dashboard

Vendor dashboard contains a chart of vendors and a general list of them.

The chart represents top 10 vendors of your company, each row shows a ratio between paid advances, closed bills and opened bills.

Below the chart are icons that contain the current information on the number of vendors, total open amounts and a total amount of advances paid to them.

Listing table of vendors has the following information, split into fields:


Used for


Name of the vendor in the system.

Balance of accounts payable

Field indicates the amounts of settlements between the company and the vendor. It might be positive or negative. The negative balance indicates that the company has exceeded its payments and paid to a vendor a stated amount of advances. The negative balance is accompanied by a red font. Positive balance indicates the number of issued purchase invoices, that company is supposed to pay in the future.

Overdue amount

Amount that was supposed to be paid by the company, although it is delayed. The calculated amount might be a sum of several purchase invoices.


In the extended mode additional fields are added:


Used to

Account for advances (vendor)

Account in Chart of Accounts that advances, paid by the company, belongs to.

Account for liability (vendor)

Account in Chart of Accounts that liabilities, paid by the company, belongs to.


On this page, you are also able to add a new vendor to the system.

Note: The new vendor is added to the system as a company regardless of his judicial nature.

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