VAT on Reverse Charge: Services Section

In this section, you add services purchased abroad for which VAT is to be accrued; enter, display and manage information about them.
You can add services and their details automatically to the document. To do that
  • In the Purchase invoice field, select a purchase invoice with reference to which the document is created.
  • Click the Fill button.
As a result, services and specific information about them, such as such as a unit of measurement, quantity, the amount in the identified currencies (currency of purchase invoice and base currency), bookkeeping details, will be retrieved from the selected purchase invoice and transferred to the VAT accrual for services document. Nevertheless, you can edit the information provided and override it, if necessary.  
You can also create the VAT accrual for services document without reference to any purchase documents. Then you have to add items and enter information about them manually.
Note: It is not obligatory to refer to any purchase documents neither at the level of the whole document nor at the item level. You do that only to simplify the process of adding services to the document and providing information about them.   
In either case, services are added as line items to the declaration.
Line item is a line structure that contains an item and item details. Line item is comprised of a number of fields, such as quantity, unit of measurement, amount and so on.  
If you add goods as line items to the declaration manually, click the +Add new button above the table used for listing added line items.
Line Item Fields


Used for


The field displays a service purchased abroad on which you have to charge VAT. If you add services manually, select a service from the list of previously created items.  


A unit of measurement of the service.

  • A unit of measurement for an item is provided automatically and you cannot override it. Although if several units of measurement are defined for an item, you can select the relevant one.

Expense account

Displays an account for recording the accrued VAT amount as an expense.

  • If your business is not registered for VAT and, as a result, you cannot claim the accrued output VAT back, you are obliged to pay it to the tax authorities incurring expenses that have to be recorded.
  • The expense account is provided automatically being retrieved from service details. However, you can change it, if required. 


The quantity of the services purchased abroad on which VAT has to be accrued.

  • The quantity is taken from the purchase document but you can change it if required.


Currency of the selected purchase invoice.

Currency amount

The total amount of line item services in the currency of purchase invoice of prior to applying VAT to it.  

  • The currency amount is retrieved from the purchase document if specified. Change?
  • If no purchase invoice was selected, the field will not be completed.


The total amount of line item services in the base currency (currency of the document) prior to applying VAT to it. Change?


VAT rate type at which the VAT is to be charged on the service.

VAT rate, %

The field displays VAT rate in % at which the VAT is charged on the service according to the selected VAT rate type.  

  • The field is not editable and you cannot override it.

VAT amount

The amount of VAT charged on the service that was calculated at the identified rate.  

  • You can change the computed VAT amount if necessary.