Create a New Contact Person

To create a new contact person:

1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click CRM and then Contact persons.

A listing page of contact persons opens.
Note: Listing page is a table which contains the summary of the document entries (the created profiles of contact persons which are shown as rows of the table).

2. On the listing page, click + Add new.

You are taken to a page for entering the contact person details. The page consists of the following sections:
  • General area
  • Contacts tab
3. In the General area, you enter the title of the contact person, name, the company of employment, additional description etc.
4. In the Contacts tab, you add information about the person`s email, phone and Skype.
5. Click Save
Note: To be able to save the document, you have to fill in the required fields which are marked with an asterisk (*). 
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