Core 4.42 Kalyna - 23.05.2023

New features:

  • App build: split into two consecutive tasks where the first one is blocking while the second is not
  • CJ Blocks: simplified client-side requests - custom actions can be invoked for objects of the type that differs from the current client-side action
  • JSON view: a formatter can be set for some primitives (number, date, time, etc.), which will be used for serialization\deserialization
  • System fields: added system shared field group
  • Web page editor: added button compact mode option, which hides the title and adds corresponding popover tooltip shown on button icon hover
  • DOC view: for fields with system name, additional field-identifier-based getter and setter can be enabled for convenience

Fixes and improvements:

  • Table filters: change log bug fix
  • Dropdowns: create-new link fix
  • Documents: fixed posted state in index tables
  • CJ Blocks editor: dragging a system instance displays a choice with fetch and get options, similarly dragging a type in the make-variable section shows a regular-or-collection choice
  • CJ Blocks: fixed several bugs with blockly library errors
  • Web pages: if the load in edit mode option is on, the page will remain in edit mode after saving, post button is added in edit mode