Core 4.40 Hafiya - 23.03.2023

New features:

  • Table actions: custom rowClicked actions for embedded and transient collections
  • Delete action: reference check in used functions on type delete
  • CJ Blocks: LIKE block for database queries
  • JSON view: binary field support, usage in generated API, view-based object to JSON function
  • Filters: webpages by name, custom API by URL
  • Language tags: support of internal file controller without \ API controller with a language tag

Fixes and improvements:

  • Reports: fixed export to XLS
  • Tables: spreadsheet export entry order
  • Deploy: run all system instance updates in a single task
  • Hints: turning off app onboarding tips
  • App build: optimized block usages rebuild, fixed null-pointer issues
  • Text view: dropdown synchronization
  • Documents: fixed journal entry duplication on document apply, single document mode post optimizations
  • Text resources: crash related to deleted resources
  • Change log: task duplication
  • Merge tool: issues related to JSON view items
  • CJ Blocks: show block error \ code issues
  • Webpage editor: fixed action list in the right-side panel