Core 4.23 Sofia - 24.12.2020

New features:

  • Development container became default publishing target and all free containers were marked as development containers. Changes to web page views and client-side blocks are pushed instantly to application running in development container without the need to build and deploy the application. Build and deploy remain necessary for changes to data structure and server-side blocks. Whenever such changes are made, "Publish" button switches color to orange.
  • Library panel has been added. It contains tutorials, instructional videos and templates. Built-in tutorials remain open when developer navigates in Builder and allow for step-by-step walkthroughs to be performed in convenient manner.
  • Edit in App Builder button appears in application and links back to web page editor . Its appearance is controlled by an option in App Settings.
  • List view has been added. It defines how to show listing of type instances and replaces index page options.
  • Data panel in block editor allows for convenient navigation of variables / object tree and enables setting/getting of variables via drag and drop.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added display of auto-generated views on Type Details page and Web pages page.
  • Fixed a problem with display of transient fields in tables after row update.
  • Cosmetic design improvements (Navigate button has been moved to navigation bar, styling has been improved).
  • Fixed a bug with import of multilingual strings during import of seed instances.
  • Fixed a glitch in Properties panel when choosing icon for the button.
  • Fixed merging of App Settings related to default css theme and time zone.
  • Fixed a problem with changed unsaved row lost in after server event after server event.
  • Fixed a bug with 'No stack trace in shown on run time error in App'.
  • Fixed a bug 'semicolon in java native code causes compilation error'.
  • Fixed a problem with postings disappeared for document in case of date increment.
  • Fixed a but with cjtab closing after personal jobs panel being opened.
  • Add UI for filtering by category in merge tool.
  • App Builder has been made to display in desktop mode on mobile devices
  • Added possibility to show preview for video from external source in binary input
  • Improved custom themes applying to webpages
  • Fix a bug with focus not being set on the first line when opening custom code editor