Pricing Report: Default Summarizing

The Pricing report initially displays sales prices current as of the specified date for each item whose price has been at least once defined in the relevant type of price list alongside with the discount percentage specified for a particular item price and discount type if any.

Pricing information is therefore displayed in three columns (Price - for a sales price of an item, Discount % - discount percentage specified for the given item price, Type of discount -  for conditions under which the discount can be provided).

Pricing information is displayed at the level of measurement units for general prices, and at the level of customers for customer-specific prices respectively. Due to the fact that this report does not presuppose summarizing of individual prices, nothing is displayed at the total level and at the grand total level. If discount percentage or discount type has not been specified for certain item price, nothing is displayed at a corresponding grouping level.

Note: Despite the fact that the report does not summarize individual prices and discounts but only displays them, the terms summable fields and summarizing methods will be used for the sake of terminological consistency.

The default summarizing settings are defined in the values section. To define the summarizing methods, the summable fields have been added and summarizing options have been specified for them.   

The Pricing report does not provide for full customization (see Customize Reports), therefore, although you can change the summable fields in it (remove or reorder them), the summarizing methods must remain intact. Since the report is not aimed at summarizing values but only at showing them, the Custom summarizing method, as defined by Codejig developers, was selected for all added fields. In this particular case, the Custom method ensures correct and plain presentation of prices and discounts for items/customers.   

To customize the default summarizing parameters

1. On the page for configuring report parameters, click the Customize button.

2. Use the values section to view and customize the default summable fields.

You can delete, rearrange, and add new summable fields.

For information how to customize summarizing settings, see Summarize Report Data.

To add a summable field:

  • In the values section, click the Select an option box, and then select a summable field from the list of options.

The list displays summable fields from the selected report type which you can use to display report data in columns. For Pricing report, only 3 fields are available:


Used for displaying


Sales price current as of the indicated date.

Type of discount

Conditions under which discounts can be provided for the specific item price.

Discount %

Discount percentage at which discount amount will be calculated according to the specified type of discount.  

The Custom function is selected as a default summarizing method for all fields, and it cannot be changed.

For the explication of summarizing methods, see Summarizing Methods.