Generate Simplified Trial Balance Report

To generate the Simplified trial balance report
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Reports module.
2. Under the Reports tab, click the Accountant folder, and then select Simplified trial balance report.
A listing page of the Simplified trial balance report opens.
3. On the listing page of the report, click + Add new.
A page for configuring report parameters appears.
4. In the header area, provide a date range and a name for the report.
5. To generate the report according to the indicated parameters and predefined report settings, click the Build button in the toolbar area.  
For more information about generating reports, see Generate Reports.
Default data presentation in the report is determined by the pre-defined grouping and summarizing methods. If the default settings do not suit your business requirements, you can customize them. Also, no filters are applied in the basic report.
More information
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