Data types page

On the data types page you can view, add and remove data types in the current project.


Rename a data type

To rename a data type, click on the three dots to open its info menu. Then click Edit .

Set the name you need and click Update .

Delete a data type

To delete a data type, put ticks near the data types you need to remove and then click on the red trash button.

You need to confirm the delete operation:

View relationship diagrams

On the data types page, click on the Show diagram link.

You can see automatically created entity-relationship diagrams.

Add a system name to a type

System names allow you to create a readable representation, reference to a data type. The default system name is a unique ID assigned during creation. System names are used in the templates generation or quickly find a data type in the code blocks.

To set a system name, click on the three dots near the data type and select the Edit system name option.

Specify the correct system name and click Update :

Create a new category

On the right side of the data types page:

1) Click on the plus to add a new category.

2) Name it and click Create .

Add a category to a data type

From the data type details page, click on the pencil icon to start editing type properties.

Select the categories you need.

You can add multiple categories for a data type.