Scheduler Page

Scheduler places jobs into execution queue at scheduled date and time. Job is an invocation of custom action block. It can be set to execute once or to be repeated at regular time intervals. 

Note: Scheduler jobs are run only in application and can not be executed in Builder. They are always run in  "Modifies other instances" update mode in the same queue as other update actions. Therefore long‑running tasks might defer job execution. For example, if you have a job scheduled to be run at 11:00 AM, but at 10:59 AM you started documents posting which takes 2 minutes, your job would be placed into queue at 11.00 AM but started at 11:01 AM after documents posting is completed.

How to create a scheduler job?

To create a scheduler job, click on drop-down menu for custom action block on Type details page and select option "Add to scheduler". This option is available only for server blocks.

You need to set a cron expression to specify how often the job is to be run and you might select a system instance which will be passed as parameter into block call. System instance parameter is optional and can contain configuration information or any other data.

How to delete a scheduler job?

To delete a scheduler job, click on its drop-down menu on Scheduler page and select Delete command.  The application has to be built and deployed for changes to take effect.