Use this section of Codejig ERP to specify Incoterms you can then use in the system for determining shipment and delivery approaches for the items.
The Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) relating to international commercial law.
You may define and attribute Incoterms to companies with a type Customer or Vendor.
In Codejig ERP, Incoterms are used across:
  • Sales module to indicate terms of delivery for items are to be sold.
  • Purchase module to specify terms of delivery for items are to be purchased.
  • CRM module to assign a base Incoterms term to a new company while setting it up.
In all mentioned above documents, Incoterms are suggested automatically for companies, the suggestions representing a base term specified for a company while it has been created and defined in the system (as defined in its details). You can change the suggested term and use a different one for sales and purchase documents.
By default, a set of basic Incoterms 2010 terms is available in Codejig ERP.
To see the list of pre-defined Incoterms
  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, go to the _______ module, and then select Incoterms.
A listing page of the Incoterms directory opens.
  1. Available Incoterms are listed in the table.
By default, the pre-defined Incoterms are inactive. To be able to use them, you have to activate the terms you intend to use.
For information how to activate available Incoterms, see... 
If Incoterms you require are not pre-set, you can create additional terms.
For more details, see Create New Incoterms.
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