Chart of Accounts Structure

In Codejig ERP, regardless of country-specific accounting regulations, the chart of accounts has a hierarchical structure and is generally organized by major account categories, account subcategories, account groups and active accounts. This structure follows the format prescribed by IFRS/GAAP  in which major account categories represent Fixed assets, Current Assets, Equity and Provisions, Liabilities, Revenue, Cost of Sales, Administrative Expenses, Distribution and Other Operating Expenses,  Financial and Other Non-Operating Items, Taxes and Results for the Year.

Major account categories form the top level of the chart of accounts. Each major account category consists of further subcategories.

For example, Revenue comprises the following subcategories: Sales, Invoiced costs, Revenue adjustment, Commission Revenue, Barter Sales, Other Operating Income.

Account subcategories represent level 2 of the chart of account.

Within each subcategory, accounts are presented as account groups or active accounts.

Account groups are accounts that have subaccounts.

Both account groups and their subaccounts are active accounts that can be used for recording transactions. For example, the account 1030 Patented Technology, Computer Software, Databases has the following subaccounts: 1031 Patented Technology, Computer Software, Databases 1 and 1039 Patented Technology, Computer Software, Databases - Accumulated Amortisation. So, the 1030 account is an account group that groups together/encompasses the accounts 1031 and 1039.

Account groups form level 3 of the chart of accounts, and subaccounts grouped within them - level 4 correspondingly.

Active accounts within each subcategory represent level 3.  

The chart of accounts in Codejig ERP is also organized according to a numerical system. Each major category begins with a certain number,  and subcategories within this major category begin with the same number too. Consequently, each account groups and active accounts are assigned a unique code beginning with the same number.

Example of chart of accounts  in Codejig ERP

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The chart of accounts is displayed collapsed by default. To see account categories, subcategories, groups and active accounts, drill down to lower levels of the chart by expanding higher level items. The expanded view can then be collapsed too.

To expand gropings/ categories

  • Click the Plus icon next to a grouping you wish to expand.


  • Right-click a grouping, and then click Expand.

The expand all function is also available for the chart of accounts.

To see it fully expanded

  • Right-click the highest grouping level of the tree structure which is Chart of accounts folder, and then click Expand.

To collapse groupings

  • Click the Minus icon next to an expanded grouping you wish to collapse.


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