Purchase Invoice

A purchase invoice is a document sent by a seller to a customer indicating the costs and quantities of the products or services provided by the seller. The purchase invoice is the request for payment from the customer, in this case the customer being your company. It is a legally binding/enforceable document.

In Codejig ERP, you can create purchase invoices based on other documents from the purchase flow or as standalone documents.

Note: In the purchase process, it is only obligatory to create the purchase invoice. You do not have to first create the three preceding purchase documents.

By default, purchase invoices carry out all purchase-related transactions and incorporate functionality peculiar to goods and services receipt documents. If a goods and services receipt document does not precede the purchase invoice, you can use the purchase invoice as the receipt. In this case, the purchase invoice increases the quantity of goods in stock.

Otherwise, when the purchase invoice is created as a standalone document or based on other purchase documents, it just makes the reservation on the indicated quantity of items. A purchase invoice created from the goods and services receipt document opens (debits the transit account) the crediting transaction to the transit account. It also creates other accounting transactions recording revenues, expenses, taxes as well as changes vendor accounts balances. The changes are reflected in the transaction journal, the vendors journal, the VAT journal, and the inventory journal.

In order to create purchase invoices and goods and services receipts as two separate documents, you have to allow the creation of goods and services receipts in the system by turning on the Use separate document for purchased goods receipt option in My company settings.

Note: If the Use separate document for purchased goods receipt option is turned off in My company settings, the Delivery is separated from invoice option is unavailable in purchase invoices, as the creation of goods and services receipts is permanently forbidden and purchase invoices are always used as goods and services receipts
Nevertheless, even if you have enabled the creation of goods and services receipts, you will have to specify in each individual purchase invoice that you do not intend to use it as a receipt. 

To do that

  • Under the Goods tab of a specific purchase invoice, turn on the Delivery is separated from invoice option.

For more information about the Delivery is separated from invoice option, see Invoice: Items Section.

If your purchase invoice is based on a distinct goods and services receipt, it has to be configured as a purchase invoice that does not perform the receipt function. 
Warning: If you use as a goods and services receipt a purchase invoice that is already based on a specific receipt, an accounting error will occur in the system as the purchase invoice will trigger the same transactions as the previously created receipt.

Codejig ERP also enables you to create a debit note directly from the purchase invoice.

To go to the Purchase Invoice:

  1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Purchases module.
  2. Under the Purchase module, click Purchase Invoice.


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