Import Data

Codejig ERP enables you to import data in several different ways in order to simplify the information input.

There are two different types of data import in Codejig ERP:

  • Overall Import
  • Import on listing pages

Overall Import allows you to import the total number of files to several chapters of the ERP structure at the same time.

You are able to import journals, directories and documents.

In order to import any information to Codejig ERP, your import file has to have certain features and characteristics that will enable the system to recognize and place the information that is about to be imported.

The import procedure will attempt to import a first sheet from xlsx file. The first row will be treated as a header. Each column should contain the descriptive name and ID number (15 characters) of the corresponding field  (e.g. field_name#123456789012345).

It is recommended to name the file according to the types of files in the system. For example, Sales order, Item, VAT type etc.

NoteName of the file is not case sensitive.

If you want to ensure the correctness and issue-free import procedure for any type of data import, you may export the file from respective category and customize it up to your needs, e.g. fill it in with the data to be imported and save. The exported file will contain all required field names and IDs.


1. At the Codejig ERP Main menu click the Export/Import component.

A tab for Import will open.

2. Click Upload file and choose the file you are willing to import.

3. After choosing the required file or files, check the Type field: if the file type is not recognized by the system and field has a โ€œ-โ€, type in or choose the type manually from a drop-down list.

4. Click the Import button.


Import on listing pages allows you to import the number of positions from Excel file directly to the required ERP data class.


1. From the Codejig ERP Main menu go to a listing page that you are willing to import the information to.

For example, Main menu โ€“ Sales - Sales order.

2. On the chosen listing page, click the drop-down arrow in the toolbar and choose Import in the action menu.

3. In the opened window, select the file for import and click Open.

Data from the uploaded file will be placed on the respective listing page.

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